Hélène Brackenridge – Gatineau, QC

In April 2010, I had a severe dizziness attack. I quickly learned that this was a highly debilitating condition caused by middle ear dysfunction. Every movement of my head made me sick – I couldn’t eat or drink anymore, and I couldn’t walk without help. And there was no way to drive! Consultations with my doctor did not help me and, in a short time, I became dehydrated and found myself in the emergency room at the hospital to be put on an IV and given fluids. I was told that there was no immediate solution to my problem and advised to “rest and wait for it to pass”!

But I am a very active person. After four days in bed and little or no improvement, I contacted Dr. Delorme who, for the past three years, had been successfully treating my husband for various back problems, including a herniated disc and a sciatic nerve problem. Dr. Delorme scheduled an emergency appointment for me the same day. I will not forget arriving at his office with my sunglasses and a bowl in my hands in case I felt bad again. I was amazed to see a clear improvement right from the first visit; after a week of daily treatments, my condition had improved by about 65%. I continued the treatment and after a little over 2 weeks, I felt great again.

My husband and I continue to consult Dr. Delorme regularly to avoid serious problems. We appreciate his extensive knowledge and understanding of medical problems, as well as his gentle approach to treatment. His treatment has brought us great comfort.

Rob – Ottawa, On

In December 2013, I was invalidated by a pinched nerve that was causing me extreme pain along my right leg. I met Dr. Delorme and I admit that this was my first contact with chiropractic – I was rather skeptical. I was literally taken to the clinic because I could no longer walk. After treatment, I was able to walk unassisted to the car. Don’t hesitate and listen to my advice: You don’t have to continue to be in pain! Call and make an appointment with Dr. Delorme. You will thank me.

René Morin – Gatineau, Qc

Dr. Pierre Delorme will remove all your doubts about chiropractic. He is knowledgeable and takes the time to talk to you to properly assess your needs, without pushing you to undergo treatments or procedures you do not want. Dr. Delorme has been treating my daughter for scoliosis for several years. He helped to improve her posture and significantly reduced her pain. I would recommend Dr. Delorme’s services to anyone with back or spinal problems.

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